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About Us About Us

The Pharmaceutical Research and Technology company (IFET S.A.) is a publicly owned company, acts on behalf of Greek Health authorities and import any product under shortage in Greece after the prior approval from our National Organization for Medicines.

Our Vision Our Vision

Our vision is to design, implement and support activities that meet the needs of Public Health and Patients in health products and services, aiming on the one hand at therapeutic solutions and on the other hand at ensuring quality of life against any social exclusion phenomenon.

Our Mission Our Mission

IFET S.A. is an effective tool in the hands of EOF and the Ministry of Health, through which these two basic policy-making pillars of the state in the field of medicine and health can design and implement health policies in the interest of all Greek citizens.

Objectives Objectives

Organizational Restructuring of IFET S.A. ♦ Development of human resources  Improvement of productivity Development or improvement of the existing information systems

Our Values Our Values

It is important to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes ♦ People are the main resource of the company ♦ Innovation and systemic thinking ♦ Transparency ♦ Responsibility ♦ Caring for the environment and the safety of workers

Financial Statements Financial Statements

Healthcare is a key sector of the Greek economy and IFET's contribution is to continue to be a healthy member of it with comparative advantages that add value mainly to the patient but can also be an engine for growth for the health industry.


IFET: engages in meeting the country's needs for necessary medicines • has a contemporary and fully-equipped production plant • carries out quality control of manufactured medicines • has infrastructure for bioequivalence studies • has a gamma radiation sterilization unit • manages the household waste medicines


We consistently and responsibly serve the Patient, providing the Greek market with high quality products.


Medicines Market Research

We are looking for solutions by exploring the International Markets. We identify products on the basis of QUALITY, SAFETY, EFFICIENCY and PRICE

Bioequivalence and Quality Control

Analytical Quality Control Laboratory, Development of procedures, Bioequivalence Laboratory Infrastructure


IFET S.A. has a contemporary and fully-equipped production plant, which complies with the principles of EU GMP's, designed to ensure quality at every stage of production line.

Irradiation of Medical Devices

Irradiation of Medical Products according to EN ISO 11137 Coordination of collection, transport, storage and management of household waste medicines (expired)


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