About Us

About Us


IFET S.A. is a subsidiary of the "National Organization for Medicines" and it mainly engages in the production, importation and distribution of pharmaceutical products, which are not marketed in the Greek market by private pharmaceutical companies, but they are deemed to be indispensable for patient treatment and the protection of public health. It also engages in other areas of healthcare provision, such as the organization of a safe management system of expired household pharmaceuticals as hazardous waste, as well as the irradiation of medical devices with gamma radiation. The priority of IFET S.A. - regardless of the circumstances - is the Patient and the coverage of his/her needs in an integrated and responsible way, with respect to the state and the environment, in line with the applicable legislation, regulations and international standards.

History of foundation: IFET S.A. is a anonyme company, which was set up in 2000 after the conversion of the Legal person governed by private law IFET. IFET was established in 1991 following the abolition of the then National Pharmaceutical Industry (EF) and the State Pharmaceutical Warehouse (KF). IFET absorbed Pharmetrica in 2001 and ELBIONY in 2009.

Headquarters: IFET headquarters are located in Pallini, Attica (18th km, Marathonos Avenue) as well as a branch office in Magoula, Attica. 

President: Dimitris Pantazis

Chief Executive Officer: Giannis Sotiriou

Our Personnel: Today, ITET employs 44 people, with women accounting for 45% while, in terms of education, 55% are graduates of higher education. The operation of IFET is based on its people and IFET Management is committed to supporting with specific educational programs the improvement of their skills and abilities.