Our Values

Our Values

It is important to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Only in this way can we understand the needs of patients and contribute effectively to solving their problems.

People are the main resource of the company. Education, respect, dignity and cooperation are the most effective tools for achieving the company's goals. Respecting each other's point of view is a fundamental rule of conduct in our company.

Innovation and systemic thinking. We believe that only by constantly improving our processes and by understanding and improving the interconnectivity of systems can we make a difference in our work in terms of quality of our products and services.

Transparency. As employees of IFET S.A., we always tell the truth about ourselves as well as about our work, always mentioning both our successes and our failures, because that is the only way we can improve our learning process and our effectiveness.

Responsibility. As employees of IFET S.A., we assume responsibility for our actions, stemming from each person's position in the structure and operation of the company.

Caring for the environment and the safety of workers. Eliminating any potential risk for the workers to the workplaces, as well as operating our facilities in a way that protects the environment, are not only clear commitments that are being made but also actions.