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Research Laboratory

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The Research Laboratory of IFET S.A. is a fully equipped unit with highly qualified staff, which is specialized in new technologies in Pharmaceutical Research and Development.

The reopening of the Research Laboratory is planned in accordance with the international standards, i.e. GLP and aims in promoting pharmacological research and specifically pre-clinical/clinical studies for developing new drugs or adding new indications to known medicines (drug repurposing).

The establishment of a constant link between Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship and its utilization for the production of innovative products and Services in the Pharmaceutical market, constitutes a challenge of the highest strategic importance for our laboratory.

The Research Laboratory has the infrastructure and know-how for the reopening of Bioequivalence services (comparative quality control testing of medicines with the corresponding prototypes), one of its very successful core activities in the past.

At the same time, the Research Laboratory is aiming in establishing collaborations with distinguished National and International Academic and Research Institutions for the development of new technologies and the production of high value-added products and services in the field of pharmacological research and pharmaceutical industry.

Panagiota Kakatsou

Research Laboratory Director

Tel.: +30 213 2002 406

Email: p.kakatsou@ifet.gr 


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