General objectives

To promote and protect the interests of patients and public health by timely meeting the country's needs for medicines that are unique and necessary for public health, which are not of interest to the private sector, and also to inform health professionals and patients about these specific needs.

To make effective use of its fixed assets in order to develop additional services that will contribute decisively to safeguarding public health, either autonomously or in collaboration with other public and private bodies.

Financial objectives

To improve company's cash flow, so that it can respond to the effort to meet its immediate goals, especially those relating to the covering of patient needs for unique and necessary medicines.

To improve all economic profitability ratios of the firm so as to ensure its long-term viability in the interest of the shareholder and the public sector.

IFET S.A. intends to achieve all its above-mentioned objectives and to realize its vision by following a strategy that will be based on four main axes:

  1. Organizational Restructuring at all levels (structures, processes and policies)
  2. Development of human resources
  3. Improvement of productivity so that the implementation of its general and individual objectives is achieved in the best possible cost-effectiveness.
  4. Development (where there are no) or improvement of the existing information systems so that the company prevents problems and does not act as firefighting when the problems are inflated.