Irradiation Services

Irradiation Services

Irradiaton of Medical Devices


Irradiation of Medical Products according to EN ISO 11137.

IFET S.A. has developed a multiannual activity in gamma radiation sterilization as the most reliable method to achieve medical device sterilization. The term sterilization describes the destruction of all pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria and seeds thereof, fungi, viruses, rickettsia and mycoplasmas.

The method of gamma radiation is extremely effective and it is mainly used to sterilize places, devices and consumables such as syringes, catheters, drills, sutures, urine collectors etc.

The IFET plant in Magoula is unique in Greece in using irradiation with gamma radiation and it operates according to the Greek and international quality standards EN ISO 11137.

We are certified with EN ISO 9001/2015 and EN ISO 13485/2016 and we are controlled by EOF and the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC).


Management of Household Waste Medicines 


The responsibility for the collection of household proprietary medicinal products and household waste medicines lies with IFET S.A. under the supervision of EOF.

The waste medicines obtained from the green bins of pharmacies are transported to the Magoula plant, which is responsible for dispatching them to specialized centres where they are inactivated or burned.

The pharmacies and the pharmaceutical warehouses of the country are obliged to participate in the collection system and, in the event of non-compliance, sanctions are foreseen in accordance with paragraph 8 of article 43 of Law 4025/2011, following a report by the SEYYP.