Purchases & Medicine Procurement Division

Purchases & Medicine Procurement Division

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The Purchases & Medicine Procurement Division is a dynamic and demanding activity of IFET S.A., aiming at the achievement of a successful agreement with our suppliers, but above all it is our own contribution and assurance that every patient has access to the appropriate medicines the moment he/she needs them. Methodically, with respect and commitment to this value, our experienced staff responds successfully to every new need.

The formulations we are identifying for the Greek market are publicly available files, accessible to anyone interested, and updated every month.

  1. List of Medicines for Permenant & Emergency Coverage, file RfI (Request for Interest)
  2. List of Medicines for Emergency needs coverage (Special Hospitals Orders, Private Pharmacies, EOPYY, EOF), file RfQ (Request for Quotation)

The specifications for the terms of cooperation are found below, while for cooperation issues please contact our Division at tel.: 213 2002 410.

Purchases & Medicine Procurement Division