Bioequivalence and Quality Control

Bioequivalence and Quality Control

Laboratory and Bioequivalence Studies Director - Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

                        The Quality Assurance Department in Pallini oversees the production and Import-Distribution activities of the Pallini site

As far as the aforementioned activities are concerned the Quality System is certified according to GMP Certificate issued by the National Organization of Medicines (production) and according to ISO 9001:2015 for Import, Storage, Trading and Distribution of Drugs.

Medicine Quality Control 

IFET S.A. has an analytical quality control laboratory with state-of-the-art technological equipment and specialized personnel, in which full physico-chemical and microbiological tests for the production of its products are performed.

Development of Procedures 

It can also engage in the development of procedures for the production and testing of proprietary medicinal products.  

Infrastructure for the reopening of Bioequivalence services

Our aim is to re-launch the Bioequivalence services department (comparative quality control testing of medicines with the corresponding prototypes).


Main Operational Pillars:

To ensure the quality of the medicines and the services we provide, we have effectively developed the following main pillars of our operation:

Continuous development and training of the Scientists of our Directorate regarding new developments, guidelines and statutory procedures of the European Pharmaceutical Legislation and the International Standards.

Continuous monitoring of our procedures (with the proper implementation of GMPs) in order to achieve efficiency gains.

Maintenance and regular re-calibration of our equipment so that it is in the best operating condition as well as upgrading so as to meet the current GMP quality control needs and standards.

Within the framework of the quality system, regular inspections are undertaken and corrective measures are taken to comply with the requirements of the Quality Systems in order to achieve the best for the services and the products.

Aggeliki Dadaou

Bioequivalence & Quality Control & Regulatory Affairs Director