Pharmaceutical products - categories
Instructions to Proposers
General Terms and Conditions
Wholesalers Dealers Licence (english version)

Institute of Pharmaceutical Research & Technology (IFET) imports -having the prior approval of the National Organization for Medicines (EOF)- and distributes to the Greek market, pharmaceutical products essential to the public health.
IFET acts on behalf of Greek Health Authorities and belongs to the wider public sector.



The aim of IFET is the import of medicinal products timely, at the lowest possible cost. In order to achieve this the Market Research and Procurement section constantly searches foreign markets of Europe and US and collaborates with a large number of selected and accredited suppliers (pharmaceutical industries and pharmaceutical distributors). Market research results are frequently updated and alternative solutions are ensured in order to avoid shortages in essential products. For this reason you are kindly requested to let us have your offer [see relevant Requests for Quotation (RfQs)].


Pharmaceutical products - Categories

These medicinal products are mainly imported from other European countries and from the US, post appoval by the EOF, and fall into four different categories:

1. Medicinal products in general circulation for hospitals and wholesalers (permanent stock ). Maintenance of safety stock.
2. Products imported in order to cover emergency needs and market shortages post commandment of the EOF or the Ministry of Health (emergency stock )
3. Products for special needs of Hospitals. On demand products, no stock allowed. (Special Hospital orders)
4. Products distributed directly to patients through pharmacies. On demand products, no stock allowed. (small express orders)


Instructions to proposers
Due Date for Proposals
The deadline in response to RFQs is mentioned in the relevant lists.

Submission of Proposals

By e-mail at
Request for Information
By e-mail at
By phone at +30 213 2002 478 -
+30 213 2002 406
Requested Documentation
For Pharmaceutical Industries: pharmacovigilance and risk management plan for the products offered
For Wholesalers: Wholesale Dealers License
For the procucts offered: as mentioned in RfQs
General Terms and Conditions
Non negotiable terms: Mentioned in the relevant RfQ
Negotiable terms
Payment terms : 90 days after invoice date
Incoterms: CIF
The lowest price proposal will not necessarily be accepted. Payment terms as well as incoterms will be counted in.
General conditions of purchasing
1. The supplier is required to supply the IFET with effective and safe products fully compliant with the requirements of the European or American Pharmacopoeia as well as the applicable EU and WHO Legislation
2. The products are to be preferably manufactured in an EU country or the USA or Japan or Switzerland. The manufacturer and the product licence owner must be known for each product. All packages must include an insert. The text of external pack and insert must be preferably in English. The products to be supplied must have a remaining life of at least 75% of their total life. The supplier is required to supply IFET with products not having been revoked in a EU country unless agreed otherwise as well as with products not infringing patent rights.


Biological products and human blood products must be accompanied by duly signed control certificates of the manufacturer in accordance with the EU requirements. Human blood products must be accompanied by a specific batch release certificate issued by an accredited control authority within EU.
4. The supplier is required to package the products of each consignment in such a manner as to ensure safe transportation of the products against environmental conditions. All external packaging boxes must bear all necessary indications for the products contained there in: name of supplier, name of products, quantity, order number, as well as the transportation and storage conditions (e.g. temperature, refrigerator, etc).
5. The supplier is required to confirm the IFET order within 3 days maximun. In such confirmation the following shall be indicated: the IFET order number, the product dosage form and package, the quantity, the delivery time, the price and terms of payment, means of transportation and storage conditions. Should the supplier be unable to meet the delivery time he should notify IFET promptly. The supplier is required to specify before delivery: special handling, special transportation conditions, special storage conditions and to make the appropriate suggestions.
6. For each individual consignment, the supplier is required to e-mail or fax to IFET on or before the shipment date the following particulars: shipment information (AWB or B/L no), the name of the shipping agent, expected arrival date, approximate weight of goods. Finally the shipping agent must be informed of any products requiring special transportation and storage conditions.
7. The goods must be accompanied by the relevant invoice (otherwise IFET cannot accept registration of goods in its warehouse), bill of loading as well as any other necessary accompanying documents (e.g. certificates of analysis, batch release etc). The relevant invoice should be e-mailed or faxed to IFET before the shipment. The invoice should indicate the product, its dosage form and package, the quantity, the IFET order number, the batch expiration date, and relevant quantity for each batch, VAT number, price per unit already agreed, currency, terms of delivery, terms of payment.
8. The supplier is required to replace unsuitable products at his own expense. Should this not be possible the supplier shall reimburse their value to IFET.


Request for Interest
1. Permanent stock
Permanent stock Please quote for the produts which lie within your interest
Request for Quotation
2. Emergency stock
emergency stock Emergency stock
3. Special Hospital Orders
Special Hospital Orders Special Hospital orders
4. Small express orders
Small Express Orders Small Express orders
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